Henry’s Pal Bully

David Pipe, author, writer novelist, Sacrificing Starlight, Henry's Tale - UK, Germany

Give a dog a home?

Henry dropped his tail between his legs and sloped off towards the broken board in the fence. Halfway down the hill he looked back and watched as Bully curled himself up in a cardboard box.

He eased himself through the ragged planks and dawdled down the path to the end of the park. At the corner he peeked through a loose slat one more time. Bully hadn’t moved. A deep draught of air came out of his small body as if it was his last. He was already in trouble but he desperately wanted to run back and curl up beside his new friend.

Will Bully survive? Can little Henry help him? You can find out here.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay